A casino is a place where champagne glasses clink and the sound of slot machines or card tables adds up to a buzz that lures people in for a chance to try their luck at poker, roulette or whatever other game is offered. People in casinos are generally a diverse group, from the regulars who strut about as if they own the place to those trying to win back their last round’s losses. But everyone has one thing in common – they’re there to have a great time!

Almost every casino features a bar or two, and the servers serve up endless rounds of liquor. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and blurs judgment. It also distracts the gambler from the fact that they’re losing money hand over fist. This helps make casinos such attractive places.

Most casinos are deliberately designed to be confusing. There are no clear aisles from entrance to exit, and bathrooms are often hidden away deep within the building. It’s a way to keep you gambling for as long as possible, by making it hard to leave.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are at the center of Casino, but Sharon Stone’s performance as Ginger is a real highlight. Building on her star turn in Basic Instinct, she’s a smart hustler who can outlast any man and keeps the camera’s attention with her perpetual motion. A smarter version of Catherine Tramell from Goodfellas, she’s a relentlessly seductive force who knows how to hold the viewer’s gaze.