Poker is a game that requires a lot of brain power. This can leave players feeling exhausted at the end of a session. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps to clear the mind and can lead to better, more restful sleep.

Teaches discipline – Poker is not an easy game and it is easy to make a lot of mistakes in the heat of the moment. Top poker players are disciplined, they avoid rash decisions and do not take big risks without doing calculations. They also keep a level head and are courteous to the other players at the table.

Learns how to read body language – Poker is not just about cards, it is also about reading the other players at the table. You need to be able to pick up on the tells of your opponents; whether they are stressed, bluffing or holding a good hand. This skill can be a huge advantage in all aspects of life.

Understands how to play a range of hands – The ability to understand the different types of poker hands is essential for improving your game. For example, a full house contains three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another; a flush contains five consecutive cards of the same suit; and a straight is five cards in a row that skip around but are of different ranks.

Understanding how to play these hands will help you to determine the strength of your own hand and whether it is worth playing in a given situation. Additionally, being in position to see the actions of your opponents before you can be a huge benefit in your decision making process.